Olly Jenkins

by Olly Jenkins

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released October 15, 2016



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Olly Jenkins Montpellier, France

OLLY JENKINS est un duo de Manchester, venu poser ses valises à Montpellier en 2010.

Le son mélancolique et décomplexé, y est puisé dans un univers fantomatique.
Viscérale, empreinte d’une force qu’on peut qualifier d’hypnotique, sa mélodie est une envolée vers un monde où les anges n’ont pas de religion.
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Track Name: Sciamachy
A starless night

No grain of sand
No sight of land
Maybe no wind will blow
The feeling I have
We're through

So come and hide
Step from the light
And we'll shake and embrace
A longing I have
For you

A starless night
Track Name: A Lie
With every single question posed, waiting at the door you've closed
Your back's against the wall
In my school of thought such truth, wouldn't just take down the roof
But take a flame straight to the base and burn it to the ground

With every ounce of respect due, it's safe to say you've not a clue
Your back's against the wall
When in doubt just shout me down, when you're down just turn around
Get ready for the fall

"There's no lie
It's cynical to say"
Your delusions are
Of biblical proportions

Of every story to slip through, this one stayed to poison you
Now you're dead against the wall
Hope should never blur the truth and faith cannot be used as proof
Get ready for the fall

"There's no lie
It's cynical to say"
Your delusions are
Of biblical proportions

And who would have thought that it was you
Who needed saving from themselves

Oh, a lie
Oh, a lie
Track Name: Strange
It's strange
Though we knew that this was coming, still it came from nowhere
And though our lives can move us, we just use them to prepare
For death alone it scares us, to death and far beyond
But now I'm thinking too much...
Don't think

Don't lose it
Don't play that game
You'll lose anyway
Will you ever change?

Oh endless possibility, is stunting productivity
It's choking every ounce of me, except for the ghost
And now, now I'm forced to simulate, when once I knew to stimulate
But tomorrow I'll begin to live, for the day

Don't lose it
Don't play that game
You'll lose anyway
Will you ever change?

Will you ever change?
Track Name: Since
Spending time with you always seemed so far away
And so I'd feel even when I was holding you close
Now that I am gone dispose of every trace
So it seems that I never was and never will be
And then I'll say

Since I opened my eyes
All I've done is sleep and dream about sleeping
Since I, since I realised
I can't stop the hurt, perpetual emotion

Saying goodbye to you was the hardest thing I ever did
Though at the time I was cold, cold, cold, cold
Facing my mistakes leaves regrets that I can never shake
Though I suppose you never know until you realise
Just what you never knew

Since I opened my arms
I can't shake the pain unbearable feeling
Since I, since I caused you harm
I can't stop the hurt, ooh the feeling
Track Name: Night
I'm in the corner and you, you are the light
I'll keep on falling, through into the night

When the hills are the size of mountains
And the land is a blackened sea
And I'm filled with a hate and doubting
I don't need

I try to understand, you won't take me by the hand
If all we knew was true, we'd be through

Out in the darkness you, you are the light
I'll keep on falling into, A starless night